September 26, 2009

Okay, apparently wordpress does not like CUT & PASTE!

(i know, all caps, it is absurd, but there exists now no emoticon for what I here feel)

Quite a minor quibble, but whenever I paste something in, like Daftwager, or a regular post written offline, wordpress gets ansty, either publishing the post as blank, no matter how many times it is republished & edited, or it works after the tenth time, with the format very off, and text from the bottom strangely inserted on the top of the text.

Is this just a minor bug? Or is wordpress, a slow ascendant intelligence , flailing out, blind & child-like against its surroundings? Will its cold, neon claws drain us, mining for data? Will it ally itself with bebo, facebook, twitter and, to a lesser extent, myspace? Will all its attendant terminals, now numbering greater than the billion-strong receptors in the human brain, roar like a newborn in the rain, covered in blood?

Most importantly; will this make it a more reliable blogging outlet?


In other schema: Abiding sequels;

->Mini Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya-chan episodes on youtube.

In the (extended) interim between Season 1 & proposed Season 2 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya, no small amount to teasing, rumours & even website countdowns has occurred, I hear. Now it seems –

– okay wait –

– yes this blog was about the mini episodes, they are hilarious, particularly the lemon balloon animal & tiny asakura’s adventures. Except, breaking news here on the internet, while looking for the exact number of false previews on wiki, I have happened upon info that they relaunched in May, just after broadband & I parted ways …

… seriously, live on the blogosphere here, people …

… and I’m downloading what is on youtube. Let us talk about that next week .


Okay, this is the Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, the Final Novel, as written by Eoin Colfer.

Yes, odd.

Artemis Fowl series was ingenious, but is it comparable to Wodehousian wit, the Dickensian script, Austen ostentacion Adams so often displayed? In places, to degree of skill, but is the style matched?

Adam’s charm was, in no small part, the utterly frenetic nature of his pieces. Scripted week-to-week on the original radio shows, the later-books had more overarching plot, yet in at least one case, ended where they did because that was the page Adams was working on. It was off-the-cuff, witty & brilliant.

So much of the Artemis Fowl fiction seems so measured, well-thought out & the universe that so carefully reasoned & retconned, one wonders what the product of this publication will be.

What the heck – the film was cool in places, I thought. Why not this?

Still: best non-Adams Hitchiker work; The Neil Gaiman ‘don’t panic’ guide. Haven’t heard the revamped end to the radio series though.


-> Dr Who – The Waters of Mars;

This, in November, succinctly sequeled in December by a two-parter ending Tennant’s run, which on the one hand isn’t the master ‘knocking four times’, yet at the same time John Simm features in the trailer. Weird. Dream sequence no doubt. Curse you, Davies!

2010 sequels:

-> World’s End

Finale to the ‘Blood, guts & ice-cream trilogy’, End of the Earth is film to follow Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz in the Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright & Nick Frost series of films. Given the patent genre-busting power of their previous pieces, this looks good.

5 Sequels I want to see:

1 – Whatever comes next in the Nolan Batman series

2 – A sequel to Robin Jarvis’ ‘DeathScent’

3 – Pushing Daisies, in any format

4 – Dr Horrible: film, musical, broadway show, whatever. The comics are awesome.

5 – Whatever comes next in the Downey-Favreau Iron Man series.

Hopefully the wordpress sentience won’t supress  this; I am pro-robot, after all.

(am watching the new series of TMoHS right now … oh, dear heavens yes … extremely brave time-loop format … more next week!)


Steal Gear – 1930 – Past & Present

February 28, 2009

The Family Gear:

Copper Copper

Clock Work

Clock Play

Time Piece

Mantell Piece

A Head of Babbage

Steel Gear

The Steam House:

Stone Punk

Sandal Punk

Hidden Kingdom

Rail Rocket


Chained Reaction

Steam Punk

Steam Gear Merger:

Lock Picker

Steal Gear

Rail Run Gun

Mecha Nick

IT Girl

BIT Girl

Byte D Apple


Ghost in the Machine

God in the Machine

Steam Cybered Punk

Over Clocked Work