Cranford, Holiday Films & Re-reading

My apologies for my absence – the Slide-Junta’s of OtherLondon bear curious fruit in our universe, some of it red-leafed & man-eating. The metal-plated spider-tiger tanks of the Grey Nobility are as sharp as their political intrigues.

Also, a lot of that was Christmas.


Cranford: it is like the dr. who of the period drama realm; a longer two-parter at Christmas rather than a full season, lots of quiet romance & anyone can die. Really. Disease, violence & train crashes. Also, Judi Dench apparently GM’s D&D for her grandchildren, revealed when she & Vin Diesel shared their love of it on the Chronicles of Riddick set.

Holiday Films: Over the Hedge, Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Carribbean etc: Nostalgia for Capt. Planet & Thundercats acknowledged, but the plots alone I bow to the new generation of children’s film writers. Not all of them: I don’t approve of the happy use depiction of the Internet. “The Holiday” is an adult example: two strangers meet online, & on the basis of that, elect to switch houses & cars over Christmas. In reality, this is where one house looted & the other turns out to be a derelict squat. Worse in children’s fiction. *sigh* …

Principally: Due to spring-cleaning in the physical & the mechanical shuffling my books & reminding me of podcasts I’ve been re-reading the favourites – How To Succeed in Evil, The Seanachai, Red Panda Adventures, Soon I Will Be Invincible, Sandman series, Watchmen, etc.

And that is 250 words exactly.


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