I watch the Watchmen

So: Finally saw the Watchmen film.

And: yes, one of the best opening sequences & credits, ever.

The presentation, music, production & sets were ingenious. Three dimensions of the graphic novel. Snyder’s depth to detail is nigh on omniscient.

The changes were, for the majority of the movie, excellent. A friend said the film is better than the comic; thems some big ass words, and for a considerable part of the film, this is true:

-> Nite Owl 1: Being a caped-cop among other caped-cops, beating up getaway free criminals, had a lot more weight to it than the original. That his murder was cut is something I’ll assume returns on the super-special DVD.

-> Adrian-Dr. Manhattan: A lot more sense. The partnership, their plans, the attempt to stop the energy crisis. Gives a lot more weight, right from the beginning, that these guys are the two real superhumans. Whatever that implies.

-> Necessary compressions of time occur – admirable pace.

-> The multiple city thing: not only good, but straight out necessary.

And so on.

The more problematic change was Dreiberg’s return after Rorschach’s death. I thought it was an excellent idea, one of the solidest concepts: Dreiberg & Rorschach are friends, as much as they can be, and the idea that destroyed Rorschach remains wouldn’t rise his ire is hard to believe. Even if the snow covered them, how was R going to get back to the US without the Owlship?

However, I felt him bashing Adrian against the tvs and saying Veidt’s plan had merely mutilated humanity wasn’t the level of thought I’d expected of the rest of the film. Jon’s original line had its own power, but even if Snyder wanted to have a caped footsoldier challenge Veidt rather than a superhuman, Laurie’s gunshot seemed sufficient.

Missed the flying cars a little.

And that is 300 words.


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