Admission Mission

So: I read Twilight.

And New Moon.

Currently reading Eclipse.

So: They are very good books.

Firstly; I find Meyer’s take on legends as cleverly original while avoiding being new for new’s sake. Sparkling vampires, vampirising venom, feverish werewolves & werewolf imprinting all contribute to a unique, interesting universe.

Secondly; I find it to be well-written. The narrator has such a strong voice; Ms. Meyer, you had me at the truck description that included : ” … undamaged after an accident, with shreds of a foreign car around it …”

Thirdly; I find it to be one of the few novels achieving Austen-level tensions in relationships. After all; if Ms Bennet engages in pre-marital relations with Darcy, its total career & social suicide. If Bella engages in pre-vampire relations with Edward, its a very real suicide.

Fourthly; I find the antiquated feel of their teen articulations to add to the effect mentioned above.

Fifthly; I do have problems with it. The millionaire 110 year old vampire who watches the 17 year old in her sleep, sniffing stuff, reading minds … its stuff of questionable content and, being the jack all nerds that I am, my interest is slight. But they are good books so far. More details when finished.

And that is 205 words.


2 Responses to Admission Mission

  1. CyRevenant says:

    What, seriously?

    I’ve heard very little good about it. I know it’s popular, but most people I know who’ve read it say it’s rubbish.

  2. flannelcrat says:

    > I’ve heard very little good about it. I know it’s popular, but most people I know who’ve read it say it’s rubbish.

    – Yeah, I think that was what allowed me to read it. Prepped, my expectations were so far below what it actually was, it was palpatable read.

    – Wasn’t going to read it, but my sister got into it and, upon perusal, its like Jane Eyre, in a not dissimilar way to ‘Pride & Prejudice & Zombies’.

    – It is a guilty pleasure, ultimately, and I find myself reading it far more eagerly for the Father character Carlisle & the Alice character than the main characters. Its fanfictiony, people falling in love ‘because!’, all very angsty & emo, which is what happens in Jane Austen novels after all, people hating each other, then not hating each other, better than a conscious imitation.

    – Also, its me. I laugh in wildly inappropriate places because main characters are tossing the Idiot Ball around to ignore plot holes. Such as the ‘incredibly bookish’ protagonist who appears to have read 4 books, all of which were class-required. Or the musical other protagonist, who appears to have written 2 songs total. The family of vampires, always trying to play their ages – who apparently have never heard of grey hair dye or wrinkle makeup. Or the whole vampire race, whose sparkly skin effect hasn’t had anyone think Suntan Lotion!

    -Then there is the writer. This IS her glompy dream, this is without doubt. Apparently the section of ‘always cloudy’ Washington the books are set in is nothing of the sort. Also, the Native American tribe referenced has had their ‘legends’ made from whole cloth, filled with fate & werewolves. Also, since writing the above entry, I read far enough into the third book to a point where a character living in the heart of the Great Depression had great middle class wealth from her father’s job in a bank. A bank, right after the Wall Street Crash. Facepalm!

    – So yes, everything you heard is true. I’ve read worse, but the fourth should tip that – I’ve only read the first three – apparently the fourth is where it all goes to hell, even for the big fans. The articulate teens are the greatest fantasy. *Sigh*.

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