Torchwood: Children of Earth, Krod Mandoon and the Sword of Fire.


Torchood: Children of Earth:

Five days of pressure-cooker action!

A very good ‘event’ miniseries. Plenty of twists, drops and shockers.

A very primal theme, echoing for everyone.

Felt the aliens & their reasons fell down a bit at the end. Was kinda hoping they were Future Humans, looking for life extension through the kids, with no kids of their own as a prior life extension sterilised them, with all the prior extensions coming in trade from their ancestors to the 456, who they themselves became. Something like that. There was a lot of mystery, little pay off.

Similarly, the means of killing them, while filled with the necessary dramatic horror, seemed to only work because it was horrible. Folding the phase-whatsit back onto the signal always seems like a crude way of doing things.

Cool to see the dad from the Fires of Pompeii back as Frobisher; he was a particularly wrenching character, and events simply take a baseball bat to his life. Apparently the soothsayer from the episode will be back as the New Doctor’s latest companion.

Jack’s daughter was an excellent addition – that said, the actress playing her would-not-stop-smiling. Seriously.

Didn’t see Rajit coming – thought he was going to be the new Owen. Lois could be the new Toshiko, Martha the new Owen – apparently, despite the fact that all the characters, apart from Gwen, are dead, or off-planet (Jack), apparently Davies has a fourth series planned. Who could replace Ianto – he was the Donna Noble of Torchwood.

Krod Mandoon and the Sword of Fire:

An interesting BBC series, as a parody of Fantasy.

Felt there to be almost entirely American good guy side. Also, the ‘troop of idiots’ is a little old. Conan the Barbarian wasn’t an idiot – not book smart, he had so much cunning and guile it didn’t matter.

A lot of toilet humour.

But, some interesting ideas, satires and funny lines.

Stealing the show is Matt Lucas as the Bad Guy – he deserves it too, and many of his best lines seem improvised. A hilariously evil character, he is George Bush, Saddam Hussein and Sauron all in one. He juggles his parodies perfectly, from insane tyrant to odd child from moment to moment.

Effects okay.

Overall, an alright watch, throughly fun and feckless.


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