Close a door?

Is it just me, or is the phrase ”God doesn’t close a door but he opens a window” oddly scary?

I understand the concept – opportunity ceases to knock, so, confined, you get a good view, and an unexpected way out.

But, doesn’t it sound, just a little bit, like one day, you are about to leave and the door slams shut – locks – of its own accord, then the window opens, with no obvious influence. Then the whole room tips toward the window and, whether you want to our not, you slide right out ….

Afterwards, they all wonder why you leapt out a window in an ordinary, unlocked room.


Of strange things:

Warren Ellis writes a webcomic. Yes, thats Warren Ellis of Planetary & Transmetropolitan. At Essentially, its as if the Midwich Cuckoo kids survived, grew up, became angry, lusty youths and, apparently, caused a new ice age2007-07-27-promo3

The art is cool, seemingly steampunk. 

And now, the lol tree of animals:



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