What the Jetsons did for us.

I do like shooting down fantasies. I am the Baron Richtenhoffen of the realistic RAF.

Living in Medievalesque Fantasy: Odds are you one of the thousands of peasants, dying of plague, getting taxed or hunted for sport. If you are one of the leads, you rule by force, in a religio-legitimized non-democracy.

Everything is a dream in your head: THIS is your dream?

You can change the World: Great – your freedom of choice overules that of 6 billion.

As such, the flying car had posed a problem for a some time – yeah, it would have been deromanticised by reality, it was overly complex, everyone would have to be a pilot. There are a lot of jokes about three-dimensional car accidents and strato-cumulus traffic jams, but nothing that really stood out.

Then it hit me.

Yes, the Jetsons promised us a flying car, robot servants and cyber-dogs. But what else did it promise?

1. Everyone at work is Caucasian male, mid thirties.

2. Wives remain in the home.

3. Husbands are still the source of cash.

4. No alternative sexualities exist.

5. No religions other than WASP-lapsed exist.

6. Work relations have not evolved beyond boss-worker of the 1950s.

7. Politics have not evolved beyond civic structures of the 1950s.

8. No other ethnic or racial groups exist.

9. School has apparently not been surpassed as the only educational tool.

10. In short, science facilitates rather than challenges humanity’s current level.


I could give the flying car a miss, wouldn’t you?


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