Animal Men

A story I forgot to relate last week on the subject of Wolverine;

Apparently Frank Miller did a trend-setting run on the Wolverine comic, in which the following scene occurred – Wolverine chases a deer through the woods in a series of panels. Finally, he catches up to it, touches it on the neck – just to prove he could do it – then let it go. This was repeated by later writers a few times, until at one point an artist called Sam Keith had to draw it. And he did. And Wolverine was naked in every panel. Not tasteful-wild-gothic naked, but rather a full-frontal-explicit naked.

When he sent it in, the editors didn’t have time to get it redrawn, so they had to get in everyone there to start drawing flowers, bushes and trees with low hanging bows in every scene to cover up Wolverine’s junk.
When he was asked about this later, Keith commented that the script he was sent never said Wolverine was dressed.


Anyway, if you thought you had it hard with tasteful-Jackman escaping from the Weapon X facility, just pity the editors who had to airbrush Wolverine privates.

Other Sam Keith stories include:
When asked by a writer of a comic Keith was drawing was there anything he always wanted to draw, Keith replied “I always wanted to draw a fish with wooden teeth.”

Sam Keith had to send in a cover art piece and it was down to the wire on the time. Then the package arrived and the editors tore it open with joy – to find it empty. As one editor is calling Keith frantically, the other looks at the box, holds it up to the light, gets an exacto knife, cuts open the box along the seams, and finds the cover art drawn on the cardboard box inside. It had to dyed to be fit to print.
When the other editor got Keith on the line, Keith replied ”that he had run out of paper and didn’t want to bother anybody”.

Animal Man, Volume 1:

Very good. Very, very good. As always, when the main character is well explained & well preserved, I go for the issues about someone who dies at the end, such as When We Were All Animals, Coyote Gospel, The Death of The Red Mask and Birds of Prey. I really liked those ones – Morrison is a very powerful writer and creates figures comic and tragic. Buddy is becoming interesting in and of himself, and the apparently disparate mystery threads are unique, patient and wait like hungry crocodiles.

As previous posts have mentioned, my animal rearing is pretty much built in. As such, its interesting to see the theme of animal right carried over beyond one episode, and even then lumped in with the environment. Particularly given the impact thinking on this had on Morrisson’s own life, I have to at least respect, sometimes admire this treatment, and feel it a lot less prolesthising than I assumed it would be.

I await further development with interest.


2 Responses to Animal Men

  1. Revenant says:

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying Animal Man.

    Also, Sam Keith. What a legend.

  2. flannelcrat says:

    AM is beautiful. He is Alan Moore class crazy-wonderful.

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