Daftwager Twitter: Doctor Nation Presents

Day 01: Plans proceed for the day of the culmination of Nation! Soon the entirety of this town shall be overrun with zombie soldiers!! The men ice skin cometh, and bring my mighty reckoning upon the world!!!

Day 02: Tomorrow is the day the townspeople & tourists have their parade-picnic. I finish balloon prep and call in on glorious-notorious local, Lord Daftwager. I may have to turn him into an undead a day early.

Day 03: Decided not to turn Daftwager. He is sufficiently of my calibre of chaos to help me rule the world. His meagre biological skills will make an apt lietenant – oh Marx, are those mutant stoats in his throat!-

Day 04: -Yes, they were. That cretin! How dare he biologically upstage me!! I’ll have his still-living head for this!!! They’ve taken half my face and all my patience. I order his house zombie-squaded, just in case.

Day 05: Hide in this freakshow town, the zombie rumours hid me. But – the rumours are true and the townsfolk are prepared! My dread force is composed entirely of tourists!! Oh, & the military have arrived!!!

Day 06: Taking a crack team to the dam to damn the town, sending souls to heaven and taking over the leftovers. Leaving the LRP whores and Incestua’s baby behind , I cannot but feel justified in my actions.

Day 07: The dam is extensive and has resisted prior attack – we will need a couple of days. Also, lost my explosives expert to a crazed clam-clan gang. Damn. Individuals in a golf cart took them out right smart.

Day 08: Left underlings to finish bomb-making – its engineering of a non-genetic type & I don’t need to know. Visited ‘magical’ Eldritch of the zombie wards. Interview would have gone better had he not had my skull-description; swordfight ensued.


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