Brief Mid Weeker before return on Saturday:



Sea of Tranquility University, Luna – NUL

Silicon Sapient Social Studies

[NOTE: The compiler of this brief summary on the university’s SSSS semester courses would like to warn readers that it refers to terms in use during the periods covered, referring to the subject social group. These terms include words of a highly derogatory and explosively politically incorrect nature, such as ‘robot’, ‘automata’ and ‘mech’. The compiler does greatly apologise for words that on their own are obviously so apalling, but asks you to remember that for verisimilitude for what will be covered in this course, that such language is regrettably necessary to faithfully render the period in the historian’s mind. As Isaac Babbage 42-25 himself said, “to edit our past is to edit ourselves, and this is the prime most slavery.” We do thank you for your patience, and if this type of language is too much for you, I would recommend the compiler’s expunged edition of this course summary, available at Administration. ]

The course will open with the roots of Silicon Sapient’s presence in Western society. One must remember that Silicon Sapients were conceived in the minds of men long before they ever came be in the form we know them. A great deal of late twentieth century literature and early 21st century writings dealt featured Silicon Sapients long before the invention such basic fundamentals to artificial intelligence as the positronic memory index or such physical requirements to humiform interactions as the pineal sense-memory cortex. They also pre-date such social reforms as the Manumission Grants and the Declaration Legislation. But these writings pre-date and predict most of these events and thus hold precedence on topics both on the conception of robots in the past and perception of silicon sapients in the present day.


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