Hot Shot 8: Ginferno Bio

“Finally, I am delighted to be receiving an honorary Doctorate of
Literature (LittD) from Dublin University (Trinity College Dublin)
on 12th December. I’m sure that there will be photos.

Terry Pratchett”

-Accursed Trinity!

. . .

And now back to our regularly scheduled madness:



Powers of nothing short of metachemical manipulation, one would think such a figure could cut niche and name for himself with greatest of ease. Alas this was not to be the case. Either too practical or too prandial to ever fight over name alone, Ginferno suffered no less than eighteen confirmed name changes. His costume was just as ostentatious – the everyday dress of a backstreet barman of the time (green waistcoat, suspenders and bow tie, white shirt, black spats). His one concession to a secret identity was a green domino mask and hat set that one could have picked up in any huxter’s front window. He was criticised for not taking the role of ‘hero’ seriously, especially in the particulars of his powers. Ginferno‘s MO was to use his ability to ignite igniferous chemicals spontaneously only in a last resort, and even then only on inanimate objects. Otherwise, he would recombine the metabolic mix of anything from a single villain to a whole raging mob to replicate the effects of heavy alcohol consumption.

Essentially, he made his enemies drunk.

Modus operandi:

Anything from friendly drunks to outright coma cases, in fact, leaving them for handy pick up by the NYPD. This made him an object of disgust for many of the superteams, of both good and evil, for the degrading nature of his attack, his casual attitude to law enforcement, and the fact that despite their disapproval, he was one of the most popular and (technically) powerful heroes of his age. He would, with respectable dress and reasonable aplomb, debilitate the supervillainous elite with minimal damage or destruction. Being one of the few supers of the time that the police did not, on some level, wish to jail, was effected primarily by his statement that he was merely doing his public duty. Never getting the key to the city, he won the key to the hearts of many New Yorkers, his crimefighting a street-theatre rather than street-threat to the average pedestrian. No public edifices were erected in his glory, but he didn’t bring down any in the course of his adventures either. The most public criticism ever aroused in his opposition were by public abstinence groups, and these were still some time from their apex.

Known Places of Frequent:

In retrospect, it was his bar that made his name among the cape-wearing massses of New York.

Dante’s Ginferno

was the first known bar to be openly owned and staffed by a superhero. Six nights out of seven, apparently tireless, Ginferno worked the bar after a day of clobbering Captain Cataclysm or inebriating Insect Intellect. Theoretically, an open place of business would be a target for one’s various enemies, nemeses and evil mirror dimension selves. However Ginferno reasoned that it was like such open locations as the Libertines living in The Lady’s torch and tiara, the Thinker’s display in the Met or the Castle Fantasia just outside Vermont. In fact, it was far less vulnerable than any of these locations.

Firstly, this was because while supers could indeed go drinking in their alter egos, they could rarely do so in any degree of comfort while esconced in cape and cowl without attracting due attention. Meeting with people of similar view, hue and occupation was somewhat difficult for them, and any relationships where one is dating a man in a mask or a girl from the past has enough problems as it is. Secondly, this was because while some supers understandably enjoyed their powers of constant invulnerability, quick metabolism and enhanced healing factor when staring down the barrel of an aptly-named Omega Pistol or when failing to suffer the painfully distinct and briefly lethal effects of iocane powder, it did mean one could never be drunk, one thing crucially necessary after reaching into the dark heart of a proton star or killing Vince the Invincible.

Thirdly, no villains attacked because they might be barred afterwards. Might. It was a bar after all.


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