Hot Shots: Five to Eight.

An early competitor, “Hot Shot Five” of the uptown scene spontaneous combusted on one Christmas, taking a downtown department of Macy’s with her. A bipolar, pyromanical/kinetic masochist, Five was the shortest holder of the Hot Shot title in public record. Possibly linked with the abrupt disappearance of a disturbed young socialite.

“Hot Shot Five” was eighteen at the time.
“Hot Shot Six” had no special powers but did have something of a genius for mechanics. A fireman’s daughter, there was some ambiguity about his death on the Department’s watch that implied a low-down cover up from on high to the young madam. Taking on the mantle of “Hot Shot”, she raged crimson glory upon the homes and work places of several city officials, with absolutely no body count and a dramatically minimal injury rate. In the course of her vociferous vendetta, she created the persona of a goggle-wearing canister-carrying kid chaos with a distinctive high-pitched laugh that rattled thily and tinly through her gas mask as a result of her nitrous oxide canisters. None of her targets ever guessed her identity, the strong fumes from her weapons consistently creating the hallucination of a flame-swathed avenging angel or damning devil. After exposing the cabal that murdered her father when he threatened to unveil their pension-pinching perfidy, she kept her unlawful lawbringer status, and later became the “Arsonist’s Daughter”, teen ward of the “Arsonist”. May have mothered the “Anarchrist”. Or the “Annarchrist”.
“Hot Shot Seven” was little known – striking out on his own after dropping the “Kid Sparks” mantle and his mentor Mister Sparkle, Seven never gained much notoriety under the “Hot Shot” name, only ever achieving sidekick status when he turned to the dark side and teamed up with the “Legion of Diablo” (“SuperCasaNova”, “Firebird”, etc.) to destroy Niagra Falls. Quenched in the first of many joint efforts between Canadian “Aqua Vitae” and the American “Fire Hose”, he was lost to the turbines and thought dead. He resurfaced a year later as “Plasmate” with a new set of plasma powers, with little to no reference to his “Sparks” or “Hot Shot” days. On something of a different level, he had no less than three almost-successful city-stealing events, mostly north of the Canadian border. Implied in the eventual deaths of such tenacious villains and heroes alike (“Quebecois”, “Voulez-Vous” and “The Super Nova Scotian”, to name but a few), he was eventually brought by “Mr. Sparkle” himself in a long-awaited, long-avoided duel to both their deaths.
“Hot Shot Eight” was “Hot Shot”, was “Black Out”, was “Inert”, was “Methmanol”, was “Gin Sang”, was “Methylater”, was “Cock Tail”, was “Hangnovar”, was “Beer Baron”, was “Drinque”, was “Buzz”, was “Wasted”, finally “Ginferno”.


2 Responses to Hot Shots: Five to Eight.

  1. Revenant says:

    You seem to change font size throughout the piece, is this intentional? Or am I missing the desired effect? You may have noticed, I tend to miss things.

  2. flannelcrat says:

    No, you are truly perspicacious on this matter; you merely attribute to much credit to my effect style formatting, and too little to my tech tomfoolery. Jealous little minx that it is, wordpress doesn’t like me cut-and-pasting text in, particularly text with italics and font sizes, so it comes through all pooped up.

    It hurts the eye, I know. Will try to fix in future.

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