The (Anime) Snobbit

Book Update: €25 – Blew it on Terry Pratchett’s Nation and stationery supplies. Will report later. Preliminary: Awesome. Hasn’t written a non-Discworld one in a while, and this is a spectacular work, dealing with origin themes and concepts of self he has explored in throughout the Bromeliad Trilogy, Strata and Dark Side of the Sun. Witty, clever and still able to turn perceptions at the drop of a hat, this was interesting work. Felt the Cutty Wren could have been given a little more airtime, particularly the Reservoir Dogs-esque Gentlemen of Last Resort.

And now onto the regularly scheduled Anime:

Chobits: SEEN

This should be a perverted show. In theory. A guy finds a computer in the shape of girl, in a world where such things are common, and hilarious antics ensue in his being by turns aroused, ashamed of his arousal, and being a really stand up guy. To be honest, the main relationship only has a slight pull on me here, and I find myself drawn on by the examination of the full scale robot workforce and concepts surrounding the emulation of humanity, with ostensible perfection, replacement and fulfilment. The outrageous coincidences and happenstances were easier to ignore than anything else, and merely examine the small vignettes they allowed – Yumi and the Baker, the Kid and the Maid, the Roommate and the Ex-Wife, etc. – I liked these in relationship and thematic terms.

Also, I liked Yohmiko. If the alarm on my phone would dance around with a tambourine in the morning, encouraging me to wakey-wakey excercises . . . well that sucker would be smashed on day two. But it might be nice once.

Not an anime first time recommendation, I imagine, but something good none the less. If you come across an Assimov-loving, cheesecake desiring, short story fanatic with ‘type A anime lead’, then try it.

Apparently there is a gentle prequel called ‘Angelic Layer’ which features the Kid’s sister.

Cowboy Bebop: SEEN

Best soundtrack ever. A little way in, you should suspend you disbelief that the bounty hunters will often be friends with the person being chased, or another bounty hunter, or find something apparently impossible, and rarely make any sort of profit. The ex-cop, the ex-yakuza, the amnesiac, the supergenius and the canine version of the Maltese Falcon – this is so noir its got a jazz soundtrack all of its very own, which alone makes it worth watching. Once you let go of the cartoonish fits of survivable explosion and space crashes being switched to people dying from a single gunshot, its just good stuff. Take them on their own.

The linking plot was beyond me for most of it. Spike’s story dominated naturally, and as I result I often preferred the stand alone and other stories. Also, Spike isn’t dead, that’d just be silly.

Silly I say.

The film was also good. I’m sure it was set during the series continuity because Spike would have had to heal for some time after the season finale, where he did not die.


Its a good show, with all the showiness of showmanship. A fun show to show people, particularly to show a good mixture of references to Western and Eastern tv shows and movies. The bounty hunter show was like a microcosm of the show overall, in that it got cancelled.

Death Note: Watching

I’m up to the Tennis episode. Excellent stuff. Very clever, and doesn’t rely on it.

Essentially, the greatest high school student in Japan, nay, the world, finds a Shinigami’s Death Note – with stipulations on name and face knowledge, this can be used to kill indiscriminately. When the student realises this, the reaction to the apparent worthless nature of life, coupled with his own sociopathic tendancies, appear to drive him to re-establish himself as God of World filled with only those he sees as just, by killing off criminals. Equally talented is the investigator ‘L’, whose methods of deduction are generally a step ahead or behind in a deadly game of shadow boxing between the two.

Overseeing this is the affable Shinigami Ryuk, who thankfully did not choose Light as his Death Note’s carrier, merely dropped for the kick of seeing who picked it up, and thus relieves the work of fate and fortune alike. In many ways he serves as the means for Light to voice his internal monologues.

Apparently the manga ending is much preferably so I shall have to WAIT AND SEE.

Elfen Lied:

Devil girls with horns are born in a city by the sea. Is it a curse, an accident, an experiment gone wrong, or one gone right? Brutal, these sociopath telekinetics destroy all before them, either out of innate nature or the equal brutal nuture of the humans who encounter them. It never decides these questions, merely explores them.

The protaganist is a lot more likeable when you realises he takes in the strange girl and ignores her powers when you realise that its not because he is absent mindedly kind, but because he is that and he is suppressing memories to put off a psychotic break. That shouldn’t make you like him more, but it allows me to do so quite easily.

And that is 1000 words. Join me next week for some more anime I like.

This isn't real but should be. Can I trade it for a movie that is but shouldn't be? Please.

This isn't real should be. Much like the Batman Superman movie, or the one where Scratchy gets Itchy.

Also: Conor Lynch Comics returns with The Adventures of Clyde! – the recent inheritor of a godsword is rather more devilish than its previous holders. Find it on the ‘Conor’ link on the right of this page. See the new comic, look through the old, visit the forums.


3 Responses to The (Anime) Snobbit

  1. Revenant says:

    Chobits: I liked the manga when I was a teenager. But did it even deserve a review?

    Cowboy Bebop: One of my all time favourites. The movie is set between episodes 21 and 22 I believe.

    Death Note was excellent my first time through. A lot of people I know gave up on it during the second half, as they felt it was dragging out too long. Though I was consistently entertained to the finish. It is very close to the original work the whole way through. 90% of the changes have little to no impact on the show, it felt as if the shows Director felt tings should be ever so slightly different mostly.

    You are also treated to Light’s and L’s inner monologues throughout most scenes where in the anime they remain silent.

    See also: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. A Sunrise series with character design by Clamp! studios. Appears very similar to Death Note at first. Brilliant High School student is granted mysterious power and vows to change world. The alternate history setting and the direction it takes make it more interesting. First season was amazing. Second season was a downward spiral into mediocrity, but well worth watching for closure and completionist’s sake. I’ll explain why it happened if you ever watch it.

    Never watched Elven Lied, may never do. I have this horrible feeling it will end up being horribly overrated ultra violent tripe. Much in the same way Neon Genesis Evangelion was horribly overrated pseudo scientific lazy psychological tripe.

    Also, the pictures is very real.

    Expect to see Mortal Combat Vs DC it the shelves of your local game store in the coming months.

  2. flannelcrat says:

    As I read the manga (in-store over a few weeks) I felt it was worth a throw in as one of the first series I watched of my own volition. Also, I felt the short stories were worth the lacklustre plot arch and unlikely developments of the characters. I of course bow to your superior taste; I was merely wished to provide a complete lineage of my anime history. Just be glad I didn’t throw in Samurai Pizza Cats, Pokemon, Digimon, Card Captor Sakura – (the primary importance of the last being that I only watched half an episode of Sailor Moon, as a child, before moving on in disgust.).

    I could see how some people would find Death Note to drag, but to be honest, its the thrillier drama / intelligent mystery fantasy etc. that I’ve hungered for ages and I’ve enjoyed every epiode, rejoicing in the alternate genius archetypes of L and Light. These monologues sound interesting. Have got up to the episode where we learn about the details of Kira 2 and the death of Jealous. Will continue watching and keep your recommendation of Code Geass in mind.

    Yeah, don’t watch Elfen Lied. First, you’d have to get over the violence/nudity ‘hump’ in the first six episodes where it is pretty sickening. I love it, and I like the story afterwards, but the one guy you want to die doesn’t, and it was heavily opting for a second season (or so it appears from teasers in the last episode – Its not the end! Its only the beginning!) so its really just someone to crumble your thresholds rather than build anything new – just like EVA.

    I know, but I want the movie. Movie, I say.

    Also, I’ve seen up to episode ten of tengen. I was thinking, hey, all the episodes between two and seven seem focused on getting the ancilliary characters seen in the opening titles introduced, it does seem to be going rather fast – alot faster than say the expected beastman/gurren of the week format other shows eg: Gung-ho guns of Trigun . . .

    And then eight stabs me in the soul.

    Will continue watching. Riveted. Yoko and Simon developing interesting. You know the story Simon told Nia about the attempt to escape Jeeha village and Kamina inspiring Simon to continue. Did Kamina tell that story to Yoko at some point with Simon as the hero? If they already did that I don’t remember. Help Mojo remember, please?

  3. Revenant says:

    I definitely remember seeing Kamina tell that story to Yoko form his point of view.

    But I forget what episode it happened in.

    They’ve combined the first fourteen episodes into a movie. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Gurren Chapter. Apparently some changes have been made to speed up the plot. It may not be as good as the TV series, but I’ll still be grabbing the DVD if it ever gets released over here.

    And for what Chobits is worth, I did enjoy it when I read it, I especially enjoyed the side story “A City with no People.” But the whole pervert stick it beats itself with for the first few chapters wore thin on me.

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