The Half-Pint Prince

Geek TV what I like:


Chuck: (2 EPISODES)

I like Chuck. I like the fact that every animate object in the show is a spy. I like that every inanimate object in the show will eventually explode. I like that they occassionally mix the two. I like that it was made with same witty dialogue of the OC but with more over arching focus. I like the fact that Adam Baldwin is exactly the same character here as well on Firefly. I’ve only seen two episodes of this because TV3 appears to have cut it, which was little annoying when they didn’t mention that they had. On Fix it Friday, the Ray Darcy show crew managed to get a statement that Chuck might come back later this year. I’ll assume that its gone for good there, which is unfortunate, but it was nice to know its a good show, so I’ll keep an eye out for it elsewhere. If anything, I’d be more vaguely annoyed at the nbc site, which admirably gives out the episodes after release, but not to an outside the IP address outside the US. I see why people would use onion sites, but that seems fairly illegal just to see a tv show. Sarah Connor Chronicles was available from this IP, which is another show I hope TV3 brings back after the show gets up and running in the states.

Big Bang Theory:

I like Big Bang Theory. It has a premise that usually tweaked me a tad when it was used in the nineties: Hot girl – nerdy guys. Now that nerd culture has diversified, in-fought, reunited, in-fought again, flamed each other, then all ganged up to fight the Pot-heads, Ringers, Narutards and Gundumbasses, they are still caricatures, but they are fun caricatures. Also, the role of penny isn’t necessarily a straight man, given that she has this fashion obsessed / trailer park Mid-Western thing going on. I like that I got all the time machine jokes instantaneously. I like that I already knew all of Sheldon’s Supermarket Facts. I like that I see where the conflicts are going to come from. I like what I don’t know yet.


Pushing Daisies: Its like Dr. Seuss married Tim Burton and they had a child of unlimited budget and fabulous set design.

Dr. Who: Sometimes I watch it for the foreshadowing, sometimes I watch it in spite of it. I like the comedian-monster-villains.

Stuff I’d like to see eventually:

Dead Like Me: It was apparently good, apparently deep, apparently had Jewel Staite for an episode, and it apparently got cancelled before its time; a combination I can trust. I want to see ‘death by space station toilet seat’.

This Battle Star Galactica of which many speak, but of which I do not know. The BBC apparently paid for half of it, so maybe we’ll see it here, some day. Same with the Dresden Files.

Stuff I may get time to give another chance:

Heroes Season 2 was fairly annoying at times, with characters with Irish accents I’ve never heard in Ireland, breaking the stereotype by having them be thieves who paint paintings wistfully and run bars. Writer’s strike has broken my heart so much. Heroes season 3 looks impressive, which promos are supposed to – lets hope they can leave the Irish out of it.

By the gods.


Next week: anime.


2 Responses to The Half-Pint Prince

  1. Revenant says:

    I have this thing where I don’t watch much TV.

    I’ve seen a few episodes of the Big Bang Theory though, I quite enjoyed it. Unlike the IT crowd they have actual nerd references and jokes that I laughed at, while my brothers sat wondering what was so funny. Not only that, but they have all the jokes a regular sitcom has too.

    Dead Like Me was a great little show. It had Mandy Patinkin as a Grim Reaper. I’m not entirely surprised it died. It was a black comedy, and each episode ran for 45 minutes. It was a hard sell.

    I’ve seen little Battlestar Galactica. I’d be lying if I said I loved it, but I did like it. I was also impressed by how serious and upmarket they managed to make a TV Sci-Fi. Every other one tend to be cheesy as hell, more convoluted than Donnie Darko or half comedy. Sure there are exceptions, but until recently, they weren’t very good.

    The accents in Heroes season 2 made me cringe. Though I’ve only seen episode one. I might buy the box set and watch the rest.

  2. flannelcrat says:

    “I have this thing where I don’t watch much TV.”

    Yeah, I’m going to have a dose of that very soon.

    Mojo hurts. Please pray. Pray for Mojo.

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