Amazon Order of the Flight of the Phoenix

Book Review: Reviewing my options, I’ll flick through the Civil War again, and get it or, more probably, get another Hellboy. I want to see how many million crossover references it has that I’ll never get.

Gregg Taylor of Red Panda Adventures has released a novel called Tales of the Crime Cabal. Looks interesting, and he released a reading of the first few chapters online. Of course, he went and reminded me I’m not Canadian; as with many podcast promotions, the personalisation of popularity involves pre-order preparation. As standard, he’s offered the possibility of ordering early, getting your copy sent to him, he sending a signed copy to you, which is amiable in North America, but otherwise costs more than the reasonably priced book in shipping.

Webcomics: A lot of plot based stuff at the moment. Reallifecomics, even. Very strange. When originally starting reading Greg Dean’s stuff, I generally preferred the plot based stuff, and kinda enjoyed the singular stuff. Now, possibly because I’m getting more of the references in the once-off stuff, and because I prefer the stories referring to his actual reality, even vaguely, that this very palpably separate stories about space stations and lost universes. I like it all, of course, but I’m always conscious of these shifts in story. Generally its brief Tony-Dave story, then back to the regular stuff. Hard to say whether its just something he plays with for fans, or whether he hasn’t quite committed to but would like to do.

After all, he hasn’t only tried to vary the story. Dean has done a Canadian lang comic, a Forge comic spin-off and attempted to ‘fix’ all the old comics. He has a five-year old’s attention span, which is what I love about his writing. Thankfully, he knows to delegate his transcription (making the comic searchable) and the translation of the comic into german to teams of fervid volunteers.

Besides, Tony can’t be dead. He made a carbon nanotube cable (one of the few conceivable solutions to the space elevator mass vs. weight problem) for his Clarkesian space elevator. People like that don’t get shot with desert eagle….. A rail gun perhaps. Not a desert eagle. Though getting shot by your alternate self of opposing gender isn’t a bad way to go. Thats how I got rid of Flannelcratherine.

With Applegeeks, they seem to be tying up some loose ends and introducing a few new characters. More importantly, Hawk has drawn attention to the fact that the . . .

“The Mars Phoenix rover is the first recorded instance in history of a Space Pirate. I’m tipping my hat to you, NASA! We’re one step closer to the dream.”

Apparently NASA had the Phoenix rover impersonate a pirate on its twitter. Bob bless September 19th.

Ctrl Alt Del hasn’t done any game or chef brian based comics in a bit. Very relationshippy. Lotta anger, lotta scheming, lotta recurring characters. It’ll all end in tears you know. Quite. Rather.

Also, Zeke can’t be dead. Maybe he’ll get upgraded, but he can’t be dead. I miss penguin man.

And thats 500 words.


2 Responses to Amazon Order of the Flight of the Phoenix

  1. Revenant says:

    Webcomics are a strange thing. Recently I find that I have a much greater preference for the gag-a-day stuff. XKCD, Penny Arcade, TGSA, White Ninja and the colourful, Cyanide and Happiness.

    Of course I still read all the old ones, but so far one of the most entertaining story based comics I’ve read was Gone with the Blastwave. Most of the rest contain, as Yahtzee so basicly put it, too many fucking words.

  2. flannelcrat says:

    Blastwave is particularly kind to my bandwidth.

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