Giblets of Fire

Book Update: Got a 25 euro voucher for easons. I’m gonna get the recently released Pratchett’s Nation, but the other part may be:

1. Something later in one of the series mentioned in an earlier post


2. Mark Millar’s Civil War. I haven’t read any Marvel so its like an Elseworld’s story for me.

Anybody whose read any Civil War, please tell me yea or nay.

I was worried about the Large Hadron Collider there for a bit, but I’m reliably informed (by someone who did a science in his first year arts) that it won’t fire up fully for four years.

Otherwise, it’ll be great. Finally a technology so fantastic that we can finally get a superhero origin story out of it out of it.

*the rest of this post was mysteriously erased by black hole related emissions, moments before the superhero Higgs and his sidekick-cum-nemesis Bosun were created in Geneva.*


2 Responses to Giblets of Fire

  1. Revenant says:

    Civil War.

    I could just say it was another big silly crossover, though I actually thought that some of it was quite enjoyable.

    It was definitely a big crossover, but it didn’t really become a silly crossover until some of the events contained within it where ret-conned to have different motivations and outcomes during the arcs and silly crossovers which followed it.

    As for the LHC, I for one welcome our new spiral overlords.

  2. flannelcrat says:

    “As for the LHC, I for one welcome our new spiral overlords.”

    Well of course you would. Alaistair Reynolds has trained you and your ilk well.

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