Prisoner of Azerbaijan: Dog’s Body

Having never typed ‘dog lover’ into the search bar of a Google Image Search with the parental controls removed, I don’t know what I would see, merely that I’d regret it. However, apart from the bestial of beastiality, dog lover has connotations of late that are quite disturbing.

As previous posts have mentioned, I am a holder of many dogs, and I accept all their inbred dramas and instincts. I have much reason to wish they did differently than they do sometimes, but I bear with it, just as I hope I would bear with it if had an actual bear, in using it for good, not evil.

There are some dog lovers who are somewhat different. Take the Rhodesian Ridgeback. This breed is defined by its ridge; if it doesn’t have it, it isn’t a purebred, despite its stock and health.Apparently, one in twenty puppies of this breed are born without the ridge, and if they are born in the kennel of a top dog Crufts dog breeder, its likely that they’ll be put down. The vast majority of vets will not do this, so these dogs, for nothing more than a lack of a trait, will be taken to an ‘old’ vet to be put down.

The most reproachable part of this whole operation is the fact that the ‘ridge’ of the Ridgeback has been recognised as actually being a form of canine spine abifida for the past twenty years.

One breeder who did this claimed that it better than the dog ‘falling into the hands of the dog fighting people’.

Another term, ‘pug ugly’, is a fairly recent creation. The second part is obvious; the breed has a flatter face than a short-sighted car-chasing cat. But pictures from the 1700s reveal it originally to be a sleek, healthy creature. The modern pug is not only sufering a radical change in exterior, but it has been bred to look so. And, as a result, the breed at large is riddled with respitory, bone and organ problems. Individual dogs with these problems, many with neural pain, are not only allowed to breed, but encouraged to do so.

Dog breeders aren’t alone in this. As we all know from ‘Over the Hedge’, there are breeds of cats that can barely breathe, never mind smell.

One particular cat ‘breeder’ has managed to breed cats with incredibly weak forelegs, so they need to rest on their back legs making them look, according to the breeder, ‘like squirrels’.

The problem I have with things is partially people designing things to look good rather than work well. The other part is the concept of ‘good breeding’, a scale which I would no doubt rate owly, what with not looking good but having a robust constitution and power to move you.

Dog gonnit!

Webcomic Update:

The Big Difference Between Men and Women of Barkin’ Madde Studios & Mr. Mephisto Inc is going on a one-year (at least) hiatus, to be replaced by Sketchbook Autopsy.

A happy return is heralded to Conor Lynch’s Comics with the creation of The Chuffer and its current title comic, ‘Brian and his Bra (34 C, if you must know)’. Next issue: Brian and his bra On Safari.


2 Responses to Prisoner of Azerbaijan: Dog’s Body

  1. Revenant says:

    Dog Breeders. This is news to me.

    Though I wouldn’t describe it as pleasant news.

  2. flannelcrat says:

    Nor is ir pheasant news. Though thats disturbing too – thats how they make cockatrices you know.

    Mad. Quite Mad.

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