Philosopher’s Scone

Finished Rookie – only a few on field deaths for the Krakens, and only one being devoured entirely by an alien race. Its a new direction for Sigler and I enjoyed it. Besides, Nocturnal is up and I’ve yet to listen to Infection which are, according to Sigler ‘topping Infection’ as his exponentially more violent story, which is always good to hear. Besides, his short stories are ust a click away.

The Olympics are just finishing up and I find myself watching things if they’re on in the background: windsurfing, ping-pong, triathlon, marksmanship, showjumping, women’s volleyball semi-finals, women’s volleyball finals, baton pass, etc.

Yeah, the Cuban volleyball team was overturned by the US in the semifinals in an astounding 3-0 victory of of a possible 5 matches. This is all the more astounding given that this is the score that the Cubans beat the US in the group matches, so the Us must have really brought things together, in the interim, with their Chinese coach, and then went on to defeat the Chinese team.

This obsession isn’t as perverted as it sounds, as volleyball and handball were the few sports I had some mediocre talent at in Phys Ed (less running around and so forth), and I can’t really sympathise with the men’s volleyball, being held on sand for some reason.

A mixture of coverage really: united in coverage on China, it varies on its accomplishments in hosting the games and its gaps in human rights violations. Like any culture, increased notoriety for a time is both a plus and a minus, just like its increased space program, and its patient national buying up of American national debt bonds. China is fast becoming the world power Firefly trumps it to be, even if there are no Asian people on that show/film.

Accomplishment, as the space race proved, is something to mark an important culture. It’ll be interesting to see how many burgeoning new space programs skip the Moon altogether and make a bid for the next step on Mars – a hamster, a chimp, whatever. This will bring up the issue of colony and conquest probably. I say probably, because I won’t live to see it of course, but after reading a lot of quite terrifying post nuke policies now available from the various circa 1950 defense departments, its strange how many contingencies are pre-planned.

There may be minerals, but it’ll be time out of mind until its economical and necessary to ship them back. There won’t be fossil fuels, but maybe there’ll be those WMDs.

Of course cultures than our own can appreciate moon travel. Why, its a well known fact that the first governmental-extraterrestial contact was in 1969 with the Venusians. Oh yes. While Aldrin and Armstrong were moonside, alien beings contacted Michael Collins (not to be mistaken with the other Michael Collins) and set up inter-species relations with him. Not with Armstrong or Aldrin of course – the Venusians are notorious for not respecting someone who would willing take the first step into alien territory.

And thats why Armstrong and Aldrin get Simpsons cameos and you never hear about Collins. Probably running Area 51. Yeah, thats it. No doubt he had something to do the robot Larry Hagman, the subterranean Gecko-folk and the many Vin Diesel clones we see these days.



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