Doctor Who – Journey’s End – Spoilers

Well howdy.

I’m simply not going to touch it. You love it, you hate it, you express the desire to kill David Tennant – all three of them – or you express the desire to deify Donna Noble.  Whatever.

Martha Jones will probably end up joining Torchwood now, to replace the deceased Eoin Harper. Mickey Smith may replace the deceased Toshiko Sato for a time, but come the full season 5, he’ll be the new Doctor’s Companion. They both have lost alot, and they are both proceeding regardless. I’ll like it.

I think I’d have preferred it if the Daleks had been trapped in Slo-Time envelope a la the Krikkit Warriors of Douglas Adams (which he originally intended for a Doctor Who script) and being released in the wake of the end of the universe in the wake of the year one trillion. The universe is empty but the Daleks are gone – everybody’s happy.

Not because I like the Daleks you understand, but because narrative causality won’t let them all die. Theyll turn up again, and again, and again. I’d prefer to know they were somewhere they could escape from, rather than yet another escapee from the Time War.

As for the return of the Cybermen – I really, really, really, really, really, really, really want them to be Steampunk Cybermen. Do that and don’t care how they are brought back – flotsam and jetsam of the rift, parallel evolution, robo-pandas – Whatever.

Just make them Steampunk.

I’m trusting you on this Moffat.

I’m not even vaguely interested in the politics and practicalities of the writer change on Doctor Who, because I doubt it will ever be clear. I just really want Steampunk Cybermen. The alternate universe they came from was steampunk so technically they are but I want to swush-click of steam servos and crum-cruck of rail guns.

As for the Human-Doctor : I wouldn’t mind a Doctor-lite episode, say, where we think we’re following our Doctor and it turns out to be him, living his life in this other world. But I’m kinda hoping the walls between universes are up and staying up.

As for that new season; The Master, no doubt, unless he turns up in one of the three specials. Probably the crazy wife and that Lazarus ring of his. Very Sauron. Very Ming the Merciless.

Abientot, Alonzi, Alonzo, Aufiederschen.


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