The Stolen Earth [Spoilers]

Oh sweet syphilltic pandas.


Davies cliffhangars are the opposite of tension. Because it looked like the Doctor might regenerate, that the Torchwoods and Sarah Jane might die, it means they won’t, because he would have killed them if he was going to, ended with the new doctor if he was going to. Mickey Smith will shazam into existence and save one set, K-9 another. Whatever. Its the anti-tension. Its like when Harry Potter knows he is going to die, we know he must survive.

Sorry, I should have put Harry Potter spoiler warnings there.

Here is a Serenity spoiler.

You sure?


This is the film Serenity now, not the two-part pilot from the series, now.

Oh right.

Ok, when Joss Wheon killed off Shepherd Book, it wasn’t overly a surprise – his planet was burned up, lots of bodies, etc. He got to make a speech, so on. When Whedon killed off Wash however – cut to the heart. Quick, brutal, and it made it possible that everybody else might die – it could be a Wild Bunch, as it were.

Spoilers end.

Similarly, The Doctor running to Rose, cue the violins, taken down by a stray Dalek, even though it seems to be Dalek protocol to herd the Doctor to HQ so that he can be shot at by someone worthily high up. Totally foreseen, totally cliched, and defying everything from the Tenth (Tennant) doctor having to meet River Soong to pissing off Elizabeth the 1st. Anti-Tension.

Maybe we’ll get to see the actor after Tennant for a while, then not. Or an old doctor. (Shotgun eccleston!) Or he just won’t change. I say the tech-babble explanation will be to with master fiddling with his ability to regenerate. *sigh* Or something.

As for the Most Faithful Assistant who will die  . . . Meh. Kill K-9. His time has come.


2 Responses to The Stolen Earth [Spoilers]

  1. Revenant says:

    My Sword has been sharpened

    My Sword has been polished.

    My Sword has been oiled.

    If David Tennant survives the episode, My Sword shall taste his flesh.

    I’ve had quite enough of this amateur, with his c-grade dialogue and his childish pacing.

  2. flannelcrat says:

    -Well if it is of any consolation, you were right about the whole plot-point being made of the Hand.

    -At least you only saw the Human-Doctor from the chest up when he regenerated. He has been referred to as David Ten-Inches in other media and, from a scene seen in a BBC New Years short program starring Tennant (entirely unrelated to Doctor Who) well, …. lets just say the reports of his length and breath were NOT exaggerated.

    -Yes, that is terrible, secret knowledge I myself would like to have wiped from my mind.

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