Doctor Who – Spoilers Ahoy!

Season 4 of Doctor Who is coming to a close, and I wouldn’t comment upon it, but it appears this is a time of, well, journeys ends for all involved. The series proper won’t be returning until 2010 (with 3 specials in 2009), and when it returns it will be with Steven Moffat (known for his delightfully intricate character episodes) as chief writer from Russell T. Davies, known more for his overarching plot episodes.

Apparently this concluding plot is something that has been on the boards since day one, and I could well believe it – there is quite the ‘verse created in the wake of the new series – Torchwood and Sarah Jane spin-offs, various print media and a deeply written set of events and cast of characters. Everythings getting drawn in this last stand: all the assisstants, tin dogs and casual family characters that have been created in the past four years.

And it looks like they’re going to blow the whole damn thing up.

I won’t engage in speculate that will no doubt be turned upon its head. All we can known is that something very, very bad will happen, and the doctor shall get older. I’d say there will be at least one assisstant death, and alot of heartbreak for everybody else.

Oh, and apparently Dalek Davros MADE THE BBC – he is quite bulletproof.

All the best for the finale, and feel free to speculate below.


One Response to Doctor Who – Spoilers Ahoy!

  1. Revenant says:

    Good riddance to Russell T. Davis.

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