The Dink: Computers

Consider: The human brain is essentially a computer.

Expand: Computers are devices which have max/min temperatures of peak efficiency. Under or over insulation cause these devices to malfunction or cease to function. Temperate effects also may play a part in this process. Also, fibres, filaments and furs generate static electricity, which is wildly detrimental to components silicon and electrical.

Hypothesis: Human Hair is detrimental to the thinking processes of the human computer.

Secondary/Practical basis: Heat is more distracting than cold to the human thought processes. Dogs are stupid, covered entirely hair – Apes, with facial and faeces areas clear of hair, are more intelligent.

Final Theory: Women are less intelligent than men, as they generally have more hair. Men get wiser as they age as they become bald. However, women don’t grow beards, and if the hair hypothesis applies to the encasing of the skull rather than just the skull cap, this would mean the genders are generally equal.

Positive Action: Shave my entire head. And body hair, for safety’s sake. I don’t have to sit in the fridge though, as that is where I composed this theory.

Just goes to show, eh?

*The Dink loves the emperical method*


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